Marinetraffic and training in the Use of Safety Equipment

Crews shall be trained in the use of all safety equipment and fire fighting appliances including the operation of the lifeboat radio, the use and consequence of misuse of EPIRBS and SARTs and the use of the various types of fire extinguishers found on board, Marinetraffic soft.

Training exercises must include the wearing of BA sets, the starting of emergency fire

pump and emergency ventilators.
generator and the closing of fire flaps, dampers, fans and
Further details of all equipment carried on board can be found in the SOLAS Training Manual.


The dates on which musters, drills and training sessions are held, and the occasions on which lifeboats or rescue boats as applicable are lowered or launched, must be entered in the deck log book logbook.

and if required by a flag state, also recorded in the official

On any occasion when a scheduled drill or training session is not able to be held in accordance with the time periods previously stated then the circumstances of the situation must be recorded in the same log book(s).

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