Marinetraffic & Sample of part Seafarer Employment Agreement ,Obligations of the Employee

– The Employees acknowledges and agrees that the Employer shall have their own rules governing pay scales for every position depending upon, among other standards, the individual qualification, nationality, experience, physical fitness and technical prowess of each crew and also the Employer in their own discretion have absolute powers to pay any higher remuneration as they think proper to anyone, as such, any difference in wages paid for a given position shall not be a ground to demand equal higher wages, the Employee hereby expressly agreed that any demand by him, for higher pay, at any time during the validity of the SEA shall construe as a breach of this SEA and the Employee shall be liable for any/all action of marinetraffic as may be deemed fit and necessary by the Employer.

The Employee further undertakes and warrants the following

be fully aware of and comply with all policies set out by the Company and to comply with all the security and safety procedures applicable, without any prejudice to any of them, however minor it may be and to abide by all the instructions issued by the Employers herein, or the security safety authorities, including but not limited to the Employer Drug and Alcohol policy and Safety Policy and Environment protection Policy

Not act fraudulently in any way, and not to cause any harm, whether financial or commercial, to the Employer, take utmost care and report in writing to the Employer, and follow their orders in respect of delivery/receipt of quantities, report any unlawful practices promptly

Not cause any pollution to the sea by throwing or drawing any quantity of oil or any polluting substance in whatever quantity, and observe and abide by all environmental protection and pollution prevention regulations and avoid and not engage in any pollution activities and inform the Employer or the competent authorities of any such activities as may be required, and notify the Employer and the competent authorities in the event of any pollution

respect Islamic faith and other faiths and/or the any relevant laws/rulers/regulations and or customs and/or the traditions and maintain good behavior during performance of his/her duties.

abide by a strict NO SMOKING except in designated smoking areas and marinetraffic.

not do or cause to be done or associate or participate with anyone to make, assemble, possess, buy, sell, traffic, hold, hide, consume, use, import, export, handle, carry, conceal, any of the legally prohibited matters in general and the following in specific any kind of weapons, ammunition, explosives or firearms and any ancillary items and or items intended to be used to harm property or lives and or any contraband items any kind of alcohol or narcotics of any kind any illegal pornographic materials

declare truthfully and in accordance with any relevant authority and or port regulations, all declarable items in his possession as per any relevant law. The Employee undertakes not carry or have in his possession any weapons, drugs or any other dangerous goods. Any loss of time or penalties on the vessel resulting from the Employee not properly and truthfully completing such declaration and or falsification shall be construed as grounds for termination. Any violation to such undertaking entitles the Employer and/or the Master to confiscate such goods without indemnity.

is medically fit to do the work under this SEA, the commencement of this SEA is conditional upon the Employee undergoing a medical examination at a medial institution agreed to by the Employer certifying that the Employee is healthy and physically fit for seagoing employment.

What has been presented by him/her prior employment as qualifications and experience is full and truthful without omission or additions which would have (but for such omission or addition) caused the Employee not to employ the Employee

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