Marinetraffic Separation Schemes

IMO Traffic Separation Schemes

Certain navigational passages throughout the world are governed by Marinetraffic Separation Schemes adopted by IMO and with the exception of special circumstances, these shall be adhered to.

In addition to approaching the problem of coordinating traffic movement in areas of convergence and subsequent high density, traffic separation schemes also, in some cases, address  the  recognised dangers  of  the  routing of  laden tankers  off  national coastlines with a view to reducing the potential pollution dangers associated with casualties to these vessels.

Voluntary schemes

Certain authorities may promulgate the introduction of voluntary schemes pending full consideration and acceptance by International bodies.

Where appropriate the Owner/Manager will advise vessels of any Standing Instructions regarding these voluntary schemes. Standing Instructions, however, do not infringe on the duty of the Master to use his own discretion in the light of the many factors which contribute to his vessel, the safe passage, including condition and maneuverability prevailing and expected weather conditions, his own experience and, above all, the safety of his crew and vessel.

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