Master captain’s Presence on the Bridge during pilotage

The Master should be present on the bridge when there is a pilot on board.

During pilotage lasting for many hours or days, the Master cannot continuously stay on the bridge. In such cases in connection with his examination of the route to be followed, he shall satisfy himself as to the times when the vessel is going to pass stretches of waters where he ought to be on the bridge.

If the Master considers it necessary to put additional navigating officers on watch, the pilot shall be informed about the navigational and other duties which each of them have to perform.

Where it is not practicable for the Master captain to remain on the bridge for the total period then the Officer of the Watch during the Masters absence shall be reminded that if he is in any doubt as to the pilot’s actions or intentions, he shall seek clarification from the pilot; if doubt still exists, he shall notify the Master immediately and take whatever action is necessary before the Master arrives on the bridge.

During periods when the Master is not on the bridge, he shall take into consideration whether it is necessary to have the Chief Officer on the bridge.

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