Master chemical tanker vacancy and responsibilities

The master has full authority and responsibility to take all necessary measures for the safety, prevention of pollution and efficient operation of his ship. In certain situations, this may mean deviating from documented procedures (See IMO Resolution A443 (XI)).

In all matters affecting safety or the environment
From this point on, the master chemical tanker vacancy shall report directly to the Designated Person (DPA):

Implementation of the company’s safety and environmental policy, crew motivation
in implementing this policy, clearly and concisely issuing orders and
review of safety and pollution prevention measures.
• Reporting Company defects and other matters that have implications for safe operations or the risk of contamination and that require the Company’s assistance.
• Assessment and coordination of on-board training requirements with the Company.
• Assigning a role to senior employees in relation to the Security Management System (S.M.S.)
• Providing S.M.S. constantly updated by contacting the D.P.A. organize an audit conducted by the Technical Supervisor or the Master / Chairman. English
• Review of on-board contingency plans and ship procedures and deficiencies to D.P.A.
• Company notifications of non-compliance, accidents related to the situation with personnel or the plant.

notification of any and dangerous

Ensuring that all documentation marked as “controlled” is updated and issued in accordance with the Company’s procedures.
• request from the Company assistance that may be deemed necessary to ensure the safe operation of the vessel and without pollution.
• Ensuring the availability of all records relating to S.M.S. and defined in the procedures.

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