Medical Certificates and jobatsea offsho

All Crew members must be in possession of an MLC compliant, valid Medical Certificate, issued by an approved Doctor, provided by the Flag State, and valid for the full term of the seafarer’s tour of duty.

Should a ‘Flag State’ or any other ‘National Regulations’ require a different medical standard, then Ship Owners will arrange accordingly.

It is important that medical certificates must clearly state the date medical examination was performed.
All crew must undergo and pass a satisfactory medical every 1 year, before start performance jobatsea offsho.

If necessary the seafarer must undergo a pre-embarkation medical examination at the Company’s expense.

Physical and health requirements determined by the Company, based on the requirements of MLC 2006 and STCW 2010 (as amended) are to be provided for the medical institution conducting the physical examination in order to identify the demands a job places on a person. In addition, requirements for the personnel working at height, working in confined spaces or wearing respirators / escape air packs are to be applied.

The Master is to check that the certificates held by the seafarers on board the ship correspond to the requirements of the STCW (as amended) and the Flag state.

The Master  should follow up regulationof the Company Safety Management System Manuals are essential for safe ship operation and environmental protection, and are to be brought to the attention of all seafarers. The instructions, or their parts appropriate to the Seafarer’s specific position and duties onboard, are to be explained and demonstrated where they are documented in the Shipboard Safety Management System Manuals.

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