Morehod and Sample of part Seafarer Employment Agreement ,Obligations of the Employee

Fully become aware of and comply with the Policies of the Employer concerning Anti Fraud & Corruption, Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct & Ethics (a copy of which, the Employee, by signing this SEA, hereby confirms receipt of morehod)
xi. preserve and protect the work place, assets and materials equipment and other apparatus of the work place, including the assumption of the full responsibility to return them intact after ending the work, and observing the preservation, the maintenance and the necessary and care of the work place and the equipment.
xii. always render due diligence and take utmost care to protect the property, assets, materials, equipments, tools, machinery, and other apparatus of the work that are used in the performance of his designated duties, and to return the same intact and in good order after the completion of such work, and shall also be observing the preservation, safety, maintenance and the necessary and usual care of the work site and equipment
xiii. undergo and to report to the Employee the results of the necessary medical examination by duly qualified medical expert, and shall be free from contagious diseases at the time of execution of this SEA. The Employee undertakes to notify, in writing, to the Employer of any contagious diseases that he has been infected with before or during the validity of this SEA
xiv. return to Employer before leaving work all materials, assets entrusted with him including any powers of attorney, certificates, permits, licenses, declarations, passes, official documents that relate to the work or are a property of the Employer or any official or non-official, and not use such items in any personal matters or for any person or party other than for the work and for the benefit of the Employer, the Employee shall be liable for damages that may occur to the Employer where the Employee is in breach of such undertakings
Article Nine: Termination without Notice Nor Compensation , morehod.

The Employer shall be entitled to terminate this SEA (Termination Without Notice Nor Compensation) at any time without being liable to give any notice or pay the Employee any compensation upon such termination (and shall have the right to dismiss the Employee from work and recover costs of repatriation and other entitlements as applicable) if the Employee is in breach or in default of any of his/her obligations or due to any of the following events
i. the Employee is in breach or in default of his/her obligations as set out herein
ii. the Employee is involved in a criminal offense, misconduct, dishonest, neglect of duty, desertion, insubordination, or commits an act showing incompetence.
iii. the Employee is no longer able to fulfill theterms and conditions of this SEAdue to causes within the Employees control or by breaching the terms and conditions of this SEA.
iv. the Employee refuses to execute/accept any lawful order issued to him
v. the Employee commits any intentional action to cause losses/damage to the Employer
vi. the Employee has falsified or miss represented or withheld any information in his job application
vii. the Employee discloses Employers information or documents or secrets

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