Oil pollution should be taken account at interview during 2nd engineer job vacancies

Immediate Actions

Call to the master.

Stop all bunkering and ballasting operations (possibly also loading and unloading operations). Be aware of flammable gases and fire hazards.

Notify the oil pollution prevention team.

Identify the source of the oil spill and determine the cause. If the situation requires it, use another appropriate checklist.


Immediately issue the necessary notifications in accordance with the lists and the special form (Oil Pollution Report) in the SOPEP Oil Spill Emergency Plan,
⇒ National Response Center,
⇒ Local Coast Guard / Port Authority,
⇒ Local agent
⇒ Company
⇒ Cleaning contractors (in case they are unable to contact a local agent).

act as a field coordinator (OSC) until the company assigns an OSC to the scene.
Oil Pollution Prevention Team
Take immediate measures to control spills, try to prevent oil from getting overboard;
⇒ Close all valves.
⇒ Check and seal outflows
⇒ Changes in oil levels in tanks
⇒ Transfer oil to empty (barge, shore, empty)
⇒ Seal tanks tightly.

and Clean the oil on the site with absorbents. Degreasers and solvents can be used, but only with great caution. Spilled oil should never be washed overboard, and degreased substances or solvents should not be used in oil spilled into water.

Assessor ask during interview with candidate, proposing 2nd engineer job vacancies about next action at Oil pollution:

Work with cleaning contractors and / or local authorities to minimize further damage to the environment.
Always enter any actions performed in the ship’s book.
Constantly report to the Company in the fastest and most efficient way.


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