Operational guide for duty engineers and 2nd marine engineer jobs


The Chief Engineer should supplement this operating manual with written instructions / standing instructions if necessary. This section contains operating instructions for officers-engineers in charge of the watch (engineer on duty)

Every engineer on duty must understand that the effective performance of their duties is necessary in the interests of safety of life and property at sea and the prevention of pollution of the marine environment.

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The engineer on duty is a representative of the chief engineer, and his main responsibility at all times is the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of equipment that affects the safe operation of the vessel. He must ensure that orders for bridges concerning changes in speed or direction of work are immediately fulfilled at all times.

The engineer on duty must ensure compliance with the established rules of care. Under his general direction, mechanical engineering, if it is part of the watch, should promote the safe and efficient operation of power plants and ancillary equipment.

The engineer on duty must keep the main drive plant and auxiliary systems under constant supervision until they are properly removed. He must also ensure that the vehicles and steering gears are properly traveled to monitor and report equipment malfunctions and failures, to perform or manage routine adjustments, maintenance and any other necessary tasks.

The engineer on duty must take all necessary measures to contain the consequences of damage due to equipment failure, fire, flooding, rupture, collision, tension or other causes.

The engineer on duty must ensure that all members of the watch are familiar with the number, location and types of firefighting equipment and equipment to control damage, its use and the various precautions to be observed.

The engineer on duty must be aware of possible hazards in the engine rooms that could lead to injuries and be able to provide first aid.

The engineer on duty must continue to be responsible for space equipment operations, despite the presence of the chief engineer in the machinery space, until the chief engineer has specifically informed him that he has assumed this responsibility, and this is mutually understood.

The engineer on duty must send any other member of the watch to inform him of potentially dangerous conditions which may adversely affect the danger to life or the vessel.

machines and 2nd marine engineer jobs

The engineer on duty must supervise the space watch of the machine and arrange for the replacement of personnel in the event of the incapacity of any watch personnel. The watch must not leave the machine space unattended in such a way as to interfere with the manual operation of the engine room.

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