Operational guide for obligatory engineers and chief engineer

Taking over the guard

The engineer on duty must not hand over the watch to the dismissing inspector if he has reason to believe that the latter is clearly unable to perform his duties effectively, in which case he must notify the chief engineer.

The dismissed engineer must make sure that the members of his watch are obviously fully capable of performing their duties effectively.

The dismissing engineer shall not wear the watch until he has inspected the engine room log and checked that it corresponds to his own observations.

Before taking over the watch, the inspector removing the service must carry out any additional instructions left by the chief engineer.

Periodic inspections of machines

The responsible engineer must periodically check the machines that correspond to him. Such verification shall confirm that:

a) The main and auxiliary machines, control systems, indicator panels and communication systems function satisfactorily.

b) The steering system and all associated gears function satisfactorily.

c) The water level is properly maintained in boilers and heat exchangers.

d) Engine or boiler exhaust shows good combustion performance and soot has been blown off where possible.

e) The condition of reservoirs in terms of water level and pollution is satisfactory.

f) various pipelines, including piping control systems and machines, are free of leaks, function properly and are properly maintained; special attention is paid to oil pipelines under pressure.

Magazine of the engine room

Before going to work, the engineer on duty must make sure that all events related to the main and auxiliary equipment that occurred during the watch will be properly recorded.

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