P & I Surveys for tanker fleet vacancies

On occasions the owner may take advantage of the services offered by the ship’s P & I Club. With respect to cargo this will usually involve appointment of a surveyor to inspect the cargo either for damage or to ensure it is of a suitable quality for carriage. The quality surveys for tanker fleet vacancies are always required by the P & I Club at their cost for finished steel cargoes.

The majority of the owners ships are entered in the London P & I Club which has a policy of making annual condition surveys of their tonnage. Whenever these surveys are scheduled the office will inform the Master in advance. Clearly the Master shall make every effort to ensure the ship is up to standard AT ALL TIMES however extra diligence and attention to this matter shall be taken prior to any condition survey. Particular attention shall be paid to hatch covers, cover’s rubber packing, coaming cleanliness, compression bars, coaming drains, cleats, etc.

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