Piracy and VesselFinder

Discovery of suspicious crafts

Call the master.

The “Ship under attack” alarm sounds.

“Standby” crew. Prepare to protect the ship by blocking all access to the ship.

Keep the station in standby mode – with the current and updated position available.

Establish VHF communication with signal stations, shore radio stations and other ships in the surrounding waters.

Seek help from local port authorities, the police, the Coast Guard and the Navy.

If possible, speed up and avoid maneuvers.

Water on deck – prepare fire hoses to prevent pirates from landing.

Shoot with a parachute flash in the direction of the attacking vessel.

Use searchlights to illuminate and possibly dazzle the attacking vessel.

Turn on the body lights and external placement lights.

Determine the time of attack and position.
Inform Ship Owner about exactly VesselFinder position

During the actual attack:

m Avoid violations.

n Try to deter pirates or delay entry by extinguishing fires, banning barricades or similar actions.

o Barricade the entire crew on the bridge and / or in the engine room. Try bringing a portable VHF.

p Establish a connection between the axle and the engine room.

q Stay barricaded until the danger is over. Report the attack to the company as soon as possible.

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