Port state & flag state control inspections / classification / vacancies for master

Surveys of hull, machinery, electrical and safety equipment are planned and carried out in accordance with the appropriate rules and regulations. “Certificates” and periodical printouts of vessel’s “Class Status Reports” provide the necessary records of surveys and the next due date for survey. The vessel’s statutory and trading certificates are retained on board in “Ship’s Certificate File” for inspection by Port State Control/Flag/Class as appropriate.

Records of all surveys are kept in the appropriate files on board the vessel. Copies of survey reports are also kept in the corresponding files in Technical Department in office for a minimum of 5 years.

If the Chief Engineer has been given dispensation from Class to undertake Continuous
Machinery  Surveys,  this  is  taken  advantage  of  whether  or  not  a  formal  Planned Maintenance System is in place.

Inspections by Port State Control (PSC) and Flag State Control (FSC) may be performed unannounced at any time. In such cases the Master, Chief Engineer and ship’s staff render full co-operation.

The Master shall inform the Technical Manager/Supt immediately by phone as soon as the PSC or FSC inspector arrives onboard so the office will be alerted of the situation onboard. The Master should notify all previos inspection during apply for vacancies for master.The PSC or FSC report must be sent to office by office by fax or Email immediately after the inspection. Any non-conformity must be reported to office and corrected immediately. Form “Apex-V.521 – Non Conformance Rpt” to be used for each deficiency and to be properly closed out with corrective and preventive actions.

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