Repair Work and Maintenance and chemical tanker job vacancies

Responsibilities and Procedure

Both the Master and Chief Engineer along with the Chief Officer are the key personnel on board who are responsible for the development, the effectiveness, planning and assigning of maintenance work based upon department requirements.

The Master along with the heads of departments should convene regular meetings as necessary for developing the maintenance programmer, coordinating the activities of the various departments, establishing areas of responsibility and developing a sequence of action. In their meetings they should also identify potential hazardous areas in the vessel which could impede the safety of the vessel and personnel and work out means of taking remedial measures on priority basis.

Prior to undertaking routine overhauls and maintenance of the vessels machinery or equipment which involves disabling of same, permission of the Master should be sought who will then review whether the safety of the vessel will be affected during the time of immobilization or if the vessel’s charter requirement will be hampered.

The work done report must be submitted to the office on a monthly basis included consideration chemical tanker job vacancies.
In case of any maintenance or repairs of an important or critical nature which may include disabling of essential equipment that affects maneuverability, seaworthiness or prevents the vessel from executing its required operational tasks, the office should be immediately informed for taking necessary action.

Repairs Lists and Supervision

Preparing Repair Lists

For repairs which are not within the capabilities of the ship’s staff and for which shore assistance is deemed necessary, a detailed repair list should be prepared on the relevant Company’s form.

These repair lists shall be grouped in respect of the departments concerned, i.e. separate repair list for each department.

In drawing up the repair lists which are to be filled in and signed by the respective head of department, the officer concerned shall clearly described the work required, giving complete specifications in respect of the material, sizes, where possible, sketches or drawings/plans, etc. and shall be required for effecting the repairs, spares requisition form shall be attached along with the repair specification.

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