Repairs and dry docking and chief engineer offshore vacancies


Before carrying out major repairs and / or dry docking, a number of considerations should be kept in mind in the following paragraphs.

The company is responsible for ensuring dry docking of each vessel in accordance with the rules of classification societies. There may be special circumstances that require the postponement or postponement of the planned connection. In this case, the Company advises the Shipowner and takes the necessary measures.

Major adjustments may be required as a result of unforeseen damage, changes to International Rules and Regulations, or major changes required by the shipowner.

The defect reporting system is supported. The master / chief engineer of each vessel shall report, as necessary, any defects or repairs to the inclusion specification.

In the docking

The supervisor of each vessel shall prepare a complete docking specification based on information obtained from:

  • Requirements of the classification society
  • Requirements of owners
  • Inspection reports
  • Scheduled maintenance reports
  • Defect report tips
  • Incident / damage reports
  • Reports of masters / chief engineers
  • Changes in legislation, national, port and international.

The docking / reinstallation specification provides advice on the date of the vessel’s availability and identifies work to be covered in the following areas:

  • General services
  • Dry docking
  • Hull preparation
  • Painting
  • Steel repair / upgrade
  • Deck repair
  • Engine repair
  • Electrical repairs
  • Housing renovation
  • External contractors
  • Survey.

If necessary, the Company submits a copy to the shipowner as soon as the technical conditions are approved by the general manager, the authorized specification is submitted to several vessels approved by the company for quotation, depending on the structure of the vessel.

For trade

The result of the comparison, which contains all the expected costs allowed by the Technical Director, chief engineer offshore vacancies, with the yard recommended by the Company, is sent to the Shipowner for permission.

The vessel is notified of the selected yard, and the approved specification is sent to the captain. Underwriters and the class of the vessel are informed about the selected yard and the docking schedule.

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