Reports and Analysis of Non-Conformity, 2nd engineer offshore vacancies

Accidents and Hazardous Occurrences

To describe the method of controlling identified non-conformance within the Safety Management System and investigating accidents, incidents and hazardous occurrences to establish if any additional non-conformance exist.

This procedure covers in summary:
Non conforming  Notes
Hazardous occurrences
2nd engineer offshore vacancies

All shore and sea personnel are responsible for identifying and reporting non-conformance by following the flow chart, designed and shown as Appendix A of this procedure.
The DPA is responsible for ensuring this procedure is strictly followed to ensure control of activities listed in the scope.


The Company recognize s that no business is perfect and particularly in the Shipping Industry – ships operations will experience accidents, incidents and hazardous occurrences by the dangerous nature of the work.

Having recognized the above, the Company has implemented this procedure to encourage the reporting of non-con formances, accidents, incidents, and hazardous occurrences, so that they can be investigated and analysed with the objective of improving quality, safety of the ship, personnel and pollution prevention.

Non conformance will b e normally raised during Internal Safety Audits but it must be remembered that accidents, incidents and hazardous occurrences are not non-conformances until they have been investigated and analysed to see if the Safety System can be improved because of identified weaknesses.

In the past, personnel have been afraid of reporting problems for fear of their jobs, so this procedure is written to encourage the reporting of problems so that everyone, shore and sea personnel, can learn and improve this system.
To avoid confusion, a non -conformance means an activity which is not going according to plan, or personnel are not following the system.

Repairs, break downs and defects are not non-conformance unless they distinctly affect quality or safety and a weakness is identified in the system.
The process controls procedure and maintenance of the ship and equipment and describes the method of reporting defects and actions to be taken.


The Company recognize s the need to provide the resources to operate the following controls to ensure that a non-conformance of
any nature is identified and corrective action taken by:-

Recording, analyzing and making decisions on situations that have resulted in identifying non-conformance.
Providing resources to enable corrective action to be taken when non-conformance have been identified.
Maintaining effective communications to ensure all involved personnel are kept informed of:-
Corrective action taken or planned. Progress of the corrective action.

Review and update Company procedures where necessary.
All non-conformance will be recorded as follows:

Shipboard non-conform aces will be noted by the Master of the vessel and recorded on a
Non-Conformance Report (NCR).
Shore based non-conformance will be brought to the attention of the responsible Manager (or alternatively identified by him) and also recorded on NCR form.
Non-conformance identified by Internal or External Auditors shall be recorded and brought to the attention of the responsible Master or Manager via NCR’s.
During internal audits of the vessel, the Technical Superintendent or Manager shall ensure before leaving the vessel the Master has a list of non-conformance if identified.

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