Salvage of own ship regulation for urgent master vacancy

The master always decides whether to save or not. For normal assistance, a fixed price must always be agreed and agreed upon beforehand.

Note: rescue is accepted when the rope is connected.

Immediate action

a Time and position correction.

b Hold the radio in standby mode – the current and updated position is available.

c Always enter any actions taken in the ship’s log. If possible, take a picture (or a movie / videotape).

d If time permits, always contact your company before ordering damage assistance.

◊ If there is an immediate danger

is at hand for the vessel and / or cargo – the Captain(urgent master vacancy) must order

save yourself and accept the help offered. This should be reported to the company as soon as possible.

◊ Do not allow negotiations to cause unnecessary delays. The injury agreement must be entered into in Lloyd’s open form “No treatment, no payment”.

e Damage can be ordered through: rescue companies, shore radios, coast guard, lifeboat services, customs, towing companies, local agents, etc.

f Prepare the damage operation with Salvor. The master must help the taste for the best result.

g If the situation requires it: be sure to use other appropriate plans.

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