Sample of part Seafarer Employment Agreement ,Obligations of the Employee. Marinetraffic

The Employee agrees, undertakes and warrants as follows:

Fully abide by orders and directives of the Employer (which reference herein shall include Master and or Manager and or Owner) and comply with the working hours, conduct him/her self with the high ethical standards, whether during work or not, and maintain discipline

render due diligence, preserve and protect the work place, assets, materials and equipment, including the responsibility to return them intact after ending the work.

Declare at the time of the medical examination, that the Employee is free from any preexisting medical conditions and or chronic and or contagious diseases (except those that have been disclosed by the Employee in his/her job application and have been accepted in writing by the Employer prior to the Date of Commencement) and shall inform the Employer of any contagious or chronic diseases that he/she may have during the validity of the SEA, marinetraffic.

advise the Employer of his/her permanent address in his/her country of residence address and notify the Employer of any change in such its addresses.

not to engage in and or trade for his/her own account in general and in specific shall not deal or trade or practice any work relative to handing of contraband articles, illegal trades, smuggling, oil or its derivatives, hydrocarbons, foodstuff, medical drugs, and shall ensure that no manipulation of the quantities or qualities received or delivered is taking place in any way or form, and shall inform the Employer of any of such manipulations that may occur and come to his/her knowledge failing which he/she may be considered as an accomplice to such manipulative actions.

– serve the Employers interest on board any of the Vessel owned, managed, or operated by the Employer to the best of his/her ability, and shall abide by all instructions given to him by the Employer or the Master or the Employers representatives.

– not deal and/or engage in anyway directly and/or indirectly in trading oil, petroleum products, and/or its derivatives, hydrocarbon materials, flaming materials, foodstuff and any other goods/materials and or not manipulate the quantities of oil received by him or delivered to him according to the nature of his work, whether such manipulation is in respect of quantity or quality of the oil. The Employee hereby undertake to inform the Employer immediately the indulgence of his colleagues, fellow workers, and or any other employees in such manipulation noticed by him and or brought to his knowledge, failing which the Employee hereof shall be considered by an accessory to such manipulation and shall be dealt with accordingly by the Employer.

– acknowledges that he/she has full knowledge, and also he/she has been duly explained by the Employer, of the Company Drug and Alcohol policy and that carrying, possessing, selling, trafficking, holding, hiding or consuming any alcoholic drinks or narcotics and or pornography is totally prohibited carrying, and possessing, selling, trafficking, holding, hiding, acquiring, purchasing, any kind of ammunition or firearms of any caliber and or any explosives or components thereof, or any dangerous weapons is strictly prohibited as per the law and else where. The Employee hereby confirms that he/she has been full knowledge of the punishments, marinetraffic  including any capital punishments, that would follow any breach and elsewhere, further the Employee acknowledges that he/she has been duly explained by the Employer, and has been warned about the above laws and elsewhere, and confirms that in the event of being found indulged in any of the above illegal activities, he/she shall be fully responsible for acts and deeds and the Employer and or the Master and or any other crew member shall not be held responsible in anyway and acknowledges that he/she shall comply with the laws and other countries laws governing Drug and Alcohol and or Arms and or Ammunition restrictions, and shall be personally held fully responsible for any violation thereof, and shall not hold the Employer and or Vessel and or owners and or managers and or agents responsible in anyway, and keep them fully harmless at all the times, the Employee shall be liable to instant dismissal over and above any punishment imposed upon the Employee by the local authorities, in the event of the Company’s Drug and Alcohol policy is transgressed or laws infringed

– Undertake to pay any and all taxes, duties and fines due upon him/her towards all and any relevant authorities and pay all amounts that may be due to any pension or well fare scheme or fund and or any and all duties and or any and all taxes whether of income or of capital nature, levied by any authority, the Employer shall have the right marinetraffic to deduct such amounts and pay such to the relevant authority if authorized by national law, regulations or collective bargaining agreement.

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