Sea Watches , Instructions for Change of Watches of seafarer

The master must ensure that there are always clear instructions on the bridge to change the hours and methods of navigation. The captain must also ensure that such instructions are strictly followed.

Changing the clock

Whenever the watch changes, even for a short period, the discharging navigating officer and seafarer shall carefully inform the navigating officer, who shall transmit the watch, of all matters relating to navigation, and while both are on the bridge, the person revealing navigation, personally satisfies his following:

Standing orders and other special instructions of the master concerning the navigation of the vessel.

Position, travel, speed and thrust of the ship.

Predominant and projected tides, currents, weather, visibility and the impact of these factors.

Presence and movement of other vessels nearby.

Operational condition of all navigation and security equipment used or likely to be used during surveillance.

Errors in gyro and magnetic compasses.

Conditions and hazards that may occur during the inspection.

Heels, pruning, water density and squats may be affected

His vision is fully adapted to the prevailing conditions of light.

Changing the clock “ends each time the clock changes.

The change of watch must be postponed if there is a maneuver or other action to avoid any danger, until such action is completed.

The responsibility for the safe navigation of the vessel, which should never be delayed, rests with the watch officer. The owner / manager attaches great importance to the correct and careful viewing of the clock, so the instructions for changing the clock should be strictly followed.

Navigation in normal conditions

International rules for the prevention of collisions at sea

The watch officer strictly adheres to the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, and if his duty under the Regulations is to give way to another vessel, he must do so quickly enough and in such a way that the action taken cannot be misunderstood. Where local conditions allow, the situation around the quarter should be avoided.

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