Seacareer Log Book : SMUGGLING

Attention of all sea staff is hereby drawn to the prevalence of the use of merchant seamen in smuggling drugs or contrabands.

The Company wish to warn all sea staff of the dangers and consequences of any involvement in smuggling drugs or contrabands.

You may be approached by people ashore to smuggle drugs or contrabands. The sums of money involved are usually huge, your reward comparatively tiny but you will not get into trouble with such smugglers if you say “NO” and think of you and your family first.

If you say “YES”, you and your family can suffer in at least three ways:

  • First, you may get caught. The Company will not assist you with bail or legal assistance. If you are caught, you must find and pay your own bail and lawyer. You will lose your job even if the case is withdrawn.
  • Second, in many countries, if you are tried and convicted, you may be sentenced to death or at best, go to jail for many years. Upon release from jail, you will be deported and may again be tried in your home country.
  • Third, you will die. The people who ask you to smuggle do not pay you thousands of dollars just to do your best to deliver the drugs or contraband and you can lost your seacareer. You unknowingly guarantee absolutely that all the drugs or contraband, every gram, will be delivered. You guarantee this with your life and sometimes with the life of your parents, wife and children. If you lose any drugs or contraband, if someone steals it, if customs find it, you will die violently.
  • Do not agree to smuggle drugs or contraband. You will not be hurt if you say “NO” to smugglers. Any other answer will bring disaster to you and your family.
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