Seajobs Guidance of responsibility for handover of the watch

The watch officer shall not transfer the watch to the dismissed officer if he has any reason to believe that the latter is clearly incapable of performing his duties accordingly.


The dismissing official shall, where applicable, report that he has been dismissed by the official:

➢ Water depth in the berth, vessel thrust, high and low water time, berths used, especially taking into account the tension mechanisms, anchor (s) location, condition of the main engines and availability for emergency use.

➢ All work to be performed on board the vessel.

➢ Signals or lights

➢ The number of crew members required good practice of seajobs to be on board and the presence of any other persons on board.

➢ Condition of fire extinguishers.

➢ Any special port rules.

➢ Permanent and special order of the ship’s management team.

➢ Communication lines that are available.

➢ Other circumstances important for the safety of the ship and protection of the environment from pollution, provision of safe means of access and lighting.

The dismissing official must make sure that:

o Attachment of berths or anchor chain is adequate.

o Appropriate signals or lights are properly raised and displayed.

o The ship is properly lit.

o Follow safety measures and fire protection rules.

o He knows the nature of any dangerous or unsafe cargo being loaded or unloaded and the appropriate measures to be taken in the event of any spillage or fire.

o Referring to the rules of the road, the attached notes on access must be observed at all times.

o The safety of the vessel was checked in accordance with the Ship Safety Plan.

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