Seajobs Manual about Lubricating Oils

Machinery For Lub Oil Testing
Lub oil samples should be taken from the following essential machinery :

Main Engine – system oil Generator diesel engine – sump oil Steering Gear – hydraulic system oil Stern Tube – lub oil
ME Gearbox (where applicable) C/P Propeller (where applicable)
Cargo gear deck crane – hydraulic system oil Windlass & Anchor winch – hydraulic system oil

Sampling Procedure
All “sampling points” as per seajobs manual on machinery shall be tagged to ensure sampling oil will be taken from the same location on the machinery / system. Lub oil sample shall be taken from
main engine and generator diesel engine in running condition and condition.

not in static

When taking oil sample, a small amount of oil to be drained off from the sampling point before the oil is drawn into the sample container.
This will ensure residual oil contained with sediments is not drawn into the sample container.

Sampling container label should be filled with complete data (e.g. running hours,
type/grade etc) that are required to provide full information of the sampled oil.

A Material Safety Data Sheet provided by the oil manufacturer shall be attached with the sample container
for port agents to clear port custom authority.Sample containers to be sealed in envelop/packing box provided by analysis company
and handed over to port agents at the earliest opportunity for dispatch t for testing.

the laboratory

Sampling Frequency
Lub oil samples shall be taken at Quarterly Interval (send every Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct, if practicable) and sent for laboratory analysis as per routine machinery operation.

If initial oil analysis report is unsatisfactory or it is deemed necessary for further analysis, subsequent samples should be taken and send for testing for confirmation of analysis results.

Additional tests of stern tube system for water to be carried out if C/E suspects water contamination in the stern tube system.

If test report suggests deficiencies in machinery and remedial actions were taken to eradicate the deficiency, oil sample should be taken
1 month after the remedial action or earlier as deemed necessary, to be sent for analysis at the next convenient port.

Analysis Report
Lub oil test report shall be conveyed to ship’s master / chief engineer promptly without undue delay.
Chief Engineer upon receipt of test report shall adopt immediate remedial measures recommended
in the test report and maintain close vigilance on the operating condition of the machinery.

Chief  engineer shall record all  remedial  measures  taken in ship  monthly machinery
maintenance reports for submission to Apex Ship Management office.  All test reports
shall be filed in proper order for inspection or reference as deemed necessary.

Vessel is to inform the office whenever a sample is landed ashore. Superintendent is to arrange with
the agent to ensure that the sample is indeed landed and forwarded to the test laboratory.

The purifier are to be operated at a minimum throughput and at prescribed temperature. The correct gravity disc is also to be used.
The main engine lubricating oil must be continuously centrifuged and, when circumstances permit, the engine lub oil
will be transferred to the renovating tank if filled for heating, settling and subsequent return to the crank case through the centrifuge.

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