Second engineer jobs Manual : Advice on Safety and Pollution Prevention Training, Drills and Exercises


SOLAS (as amended) details the requirements for the provision of training manuals, the manning of survival craft and their handling and launching arrangements.

In addition, SOLAS details the requirements in respect of muster lists, the holding of musters and drills and the provision of on board training and instruction in the use of life saving appliances.


All crew members incoluding Second engineer jobs shall participate in abandon ship drill and fire drill at periods not exceeding one month. The opportunity to stagger the times of drills must be taken so

that all personnel can participate.

The Master is responsible for compiling the Muster List and keeping it up to date and for ensuring that copies are exhibited in conspicuous places throughout the ship, including the navigating bridge, engine-room and crew accommodation.

The Master is responsible for making up a programme for conducting statutory drills and for additional drills that may be required as part of the onboard emergency preparation and training programme.

The Muster List must contain details of the general emergency alarm signal and other emergency signals and the action to be taken by the crew. The means by which the order to abandon ship will be given must also be included.

The Muster List shall show the duties to be carried out by each member of the ship’s complement in an emergency. Such duties include the preparation and swinging out of survival craft and the closing of watertight and fire doors, and all other openings such as skylights, portholes and side scuttles and any openings in the hull. Duties in connection with fire-fighting, the use of communications equipment, the equipping of survival craft and the actions to be taken by all crew members in the event of a major casualty especially where a threat of pollution exists.

The survival craft or launching station to which each crew member is assigned shall be shown on the Muster List.

The Muster List shall show the name or rank of the officers whose duty it is to ensure that the life-saving and fire-fighting appliances are maintained in such condition as to be always ready for use.

All members of the ships complement must appear on the Muster List. This includes supernumeraries such as riding squad fitters, wives and children. Since these people do not have the necessary qualifications or training they must not be allocated duties within the vessels Emergency Organisation.

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