Second officer with promotions to trainee chief mate

The nature of duties and responsibilities between a Second officer and a trainee chief mate is widely different.

• assist the C/O in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the vessel.

is a navigation officer and is responsible to the captain for passenger planning and mapping, maritime publications, navigation equipment.

maintenance of charts, nautical publications, navigational equipment equipment.
• the maintenance and upkeeping of GMDSS logbook.
• the maintenance and upkeeping of medicines, medical log and hospital.


Second Officer as potential C/O candidates should pay more attention to following areas of interest.

1)            Handling of fellow sea staff and port personnel

2)            Cargo management and operations

3)            Trim and stability calculations and implementation

4)            Hold cleaning and preparation

5)            Shipboard maintenance and stock control

6)            Professionalism and proper Company attitudes

7)            Economical management and proper use of overtime spent

8)            Container cargo planning and all ballasting operations.

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