Ship jobs during technical responsibilities

Periodically Unattended Machinery Spaces (UMS)

It is the responsibility of the Duty Engineer to notify the C/E of any malfunction or failure  of  any  item  affecting  control  and/or alarm systems. Upon  receiving such information the C/E in consultation with the Master will then decide if it is necessary to revert to manned watchkeeping.

Ship jobs when the vessel is running UMS and it is necessary for a person to enter the machinery spaces alone, he must:

a) Inform the bridge OOW of his presence
b) Report to the bridge OOW by telephone at intervals, not exceeding 20 minutes, or utilise the dead man alarm facility if fitted
c) Inform the bridge OOW on departure from the engine room that the vessel had resumed UMS operation.

Handover: Duty of Responsibility

The Duty Engineer shall not be released from his duties until formally relieved by another duty engineer. When handing over to his relief the Duty Engineer shall inform him of all matters relating to the status of all machinery.

Pollution Prevention Control

Every endeavour must be made to avoid pollution of the atmosphere, seas and inland waterways.
The provisions of the International Convention(s) for the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea by Oil shall be complied with. In addition to local port regulations no pollutant is to be discharged overboard without the permission of the Master. Oil record books should be kept fully up to date at all times. Where the MARPOL 73/78 (as amended) limits are exceeded, please refer to Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) and Oil Record Book Regulations. Any overboard discharge valve, that if inadvertently opened could result in oil pollution, must be locked closed during the vessel’s port stay or when transiting restricted waters.

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