Shipboard Management Meeting and seacareer

Shipboard Safety Management Meetings shall be held monthly. The Master shall act as Chairman and a member of each department shall be represented.

The agenda of the meeting shall include but not be limited to the following:

Matter s arising from previous meeting Minutes.
Any outstanding work from last meeting.
Work plans for the next two weeks.
Seacareer planning
Deck / Engine / Cabin requisition updates
Cost Savings/ Economic suggestions.
Safety Matters
recreational facilities and activities
Overtime / Crew matters / Any other business

Minutes shall be taken and actions noted where appropriate. A copy of the minutes shall be forwarded to the Apex Ship Management office.

Safety Committee Meetings shall be held onboard monthly. The Master shall act as Chairman.
Safety representatives and the seafarers except for the minimum watch personnel shall participate.

Matter s arising from previous meeting
Accidents/incidents/investigation: reasons – details – remedial actions
Training / Drills carried out
Health / safety / environmental feedback or suggestion s from vessel – remedial actions
health awareness on effective protection, prevention against diseases and personal hygiene
Rectification of any safety deficiencies
Security matters (ISPS Code)

The Designated Person s hall review minutes of shipboard safety committee meetings and shall advise individual ships of resultant actions.

The records and minutes of the safety committee meetings are maintained on board.

Functional requirements
The major functional requirements of the Code will be covered in detail by the following:
Reporting procedures for accidents, hazardous occurrences and non-conformities.
Procedures covering preparation for and response to emergency situations.
Procedures for internal audits, management reviews, and dealing with non-conformities.
Procedures covering shipboard maintenance and associated records for critical equipment fitted to ensure safe ship operation and environmental protection.
Procedures covering operations of the ships and shore-based management with respect to the Code.
Procedures covering document control and the maintenance of records.

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