Technical Executives

Interview with applicant for further sea job vacancy

Functions and Responsibilities

Technical Executive is responsible for:-
Assisting General Manager and purchasing emergency stores during “emergency situation”

Handling of purchase requisitions received from vessels:
Get quotations from vendors;
Evaluate/check q uotation received and seek approval from Fleet Managers/Technical Managers/Ship managers/Superintends before sending orders to vendors ;
Liaise with vendo rs and vessels the various details such as ETA, port of delivery and forwarding a ddress etc, for safe delivery of stores/ spares onb oard;
Inform agents and vessels of delivery plan during coming port calls. To co-ordinate and give necessary instructions to the agent;
Get confirmation from vessels that stores/spares arranged in that port are received onboard
Check for any outtstanding purchase requisition  and advise vessels of the reason for out standings;

Update Technical Managers/Superintends on the status of individual vessels stores and spare p arts inventories and supplies;

Advise and update Technical Managers/Superintendents regarding current expenditures on stores and spare parts on an individual vessel bas is;
Issue P.Os as per purchasing procedures in Level SQMS manual.
Checking,  processing and committing of invoices;
Interview with applicant for sea job vacancy at fleet
Updating of vesse l’s movement thru daily noon report at sea and in port; and
Ensure the purcha sing procedures at shipboard and office are fully complied with
Prepare monthly l ubricant inventory for submission to Accounts Dept as required.

Update the “Approved Suppliers List” in consultation with the DPA and Technical Manager


Filing of incoming/ outgoing documents concerning purchasing  matters.Filing of all techn ical reports received from vessel as per filing sy stem in office. If vessel did not send report in time as per Mail Envelope Cover Page, a reminder email to be sent to respective vessel and follow up until the said report is received in the office.


Assist Technical and Marine Managers/Superintendents in applying Class Surveys and Audi ts as required.

Responsible for I nsurance matters such H&M and P&I cover ren ewal

Keeping track of vessel’s call to War Risk Zones and to liaise with Brokers regarding additio nal premiums

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