Technical responsibilities chief engineer on oil tanker

The C/E shall keep the Master advised of all matters relating to E/R staff, the technical maintenance of the vessel and the operational state of equipment under his control.

The C/E and the Master are to come to a clear understanding on the procedures to be adopted and followed for engine maneuvers in circumstances of reduced visibility, upon entering confined/ pilotage waters, and in the event of sudden emergencies. The following procedures are to be promulgated in writing and posted on the Bridge and in the Engine Control Room:

  • Main Engine Failure
  • Controllable Pitch Failure (where applicable)
  • Black Out
  • Collision or Stranding
  • Steering Gear Failure.

Chief Engineer on Oil Tanker

The Chief Engineer Officer is responsible to the Master and the Company for the following:
a)            The technical maintenance of the vessel and all its equipment.
b)           The safe operation of all machinery and equipment on board.
c)            The administration of the Engineering Department.
d)           The supervision of all repairs carried out by shore contractors.

Ref the Bridge/Deck Watch keeping Manual for full details on the Chief Engineer’s responsibilities together board with those of all other ranks (Deck and Engine Room) on

The Chief Engineer is required to become conversant with the contents of this section and the applicable sections of the STCW Regulations.

The provision of this guidance to other Engineer Officers is not a substitute for written standing orders, which shall always be provided by the Chief Engineer to specify his own particular requirements. Such standing orders should draw the attention of watch keeping officers to the guidance laid down in this manual and emphasize those points which are of special importance to the particular ship.

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