Ukrcrewing directory : catering department

CHIEF COOK (working hours: 0600 – 1300, 1600 – 1830)


Reports to Master on all matters concerning victualling.

Reports to Chief Officer on all matters other than victualling.

Consult Chief Engineer for proper upkeep of galley equipments and Cold rooms


Ensure daily 3 meals of appropriate quality, nutritional value, quantity and variety, taking into account the numbers of seafarers on board, their

religious requirements and cultural practices and served in a hygienic condition

Preparation and catering of all meals (including breakfast)

Stock Control

Ensure victualling expenses are within approved limits. The Master and Chief Cook are jointly responsible for the victualling costs.

Prepare reports and inventories of provisions and catering stores as required by the Company as per ukrcrewing manual.

Ensure proper stock controls and purchase of provisions and catering stores.

Ensure proper maintenance, inventory and operation of linen, pantry and locker stores.

To ensure stores requisitions are made on appropriate form only and to allow about 10 working days for the office to arrange supply at convenient port.

Ensure provisions are utilized accordingly and not left expired. Old stocks must be cleared before new stocks are used.


Ensure the proper storage and maintenance of all catering stores and storerooms.

Responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene of all catering spaces.

STEWARD (working hours: 0600-1300, 1600-1830)


Reports to Chief Officer on all matters except galley matters. Assist Chief Cook as and when required. Ensure all areas of responsibilities are kept tidy, clean, hygienic and well maintained at all times.

Galley Duties

(a) Assist the Chief Cook.

(b) Garbage to be disposed daily and as when required. In port garbage is to be kept in garbage room for disposal either ashore after departure.

Mess duties

Set tables and attend to all meals service in officers dining saloon.

Washing up of meal crockery and utensils in Officer’s dining saloon and duty mess (other than crew / officer duty mess).

Attend to port officials and receptions when required by Master.

Cleaning Duties


(a) All Officer’s cabins and toilets to be cleaned daily (basic cleaning), including Radio room and thorough cleaning on rotation system.

(b) Spare cabins to be cleaned and made ready for future use.

(c) Cabin floors to be waxed and if carpeted, to shampooed as and when necessary.

(d) Shower curtains in officers bathrooms should be washed monthly.

(e) Officers’ towels and linens to be changed fortnightly.

  • All senior officers’ cabins to cleaned on a daily basis.
  • All other juniors’ officers to be cleaned 3 times a week. The schedules of cleaning shall depend on the steward himself which will be closely monitored by the Chief Officer.
  • All deck/engine cadets shall keep their own cabins clean at all times.

Accommodation Spaces

(a) Ensure all alleyways, except Crew’s deck, are clean and well maintained.

(b) Public toilets in officers’ alleyways to be kept clean and hygienic.

(c) Ensure proper upkeep of officers’ laundry room and equipments – assisted by OS in case of combined officers/crew laundry and areas specified by Chief Officer.

(d) Clean areas as specified by Chief Officer.

Officers-Dining Saloon, Duty Mess and Storeroom

(a) Ensure that the Dining Saloon, Duty Mess (other than crew/officer combined duty mess), Smoke Room is cleaned daily and well maintained. Conference room as and when necessary.

(b) Floor areas in (a) to be waxed, and if carpeted, to be shampooed as and when necessary.

(c) Clean and maintain fridges and water cooler in area (a).

Store Duties

Assist Chief cook in the proper maintenance, inventory and operation of linen, pantry and locker stores.

Issue of sundries and linens to officers and ratings.

Ensure ship’s linen is properly laundered. If no laundry facility on board, prepare and issue linens for laundry in port.

Assist in replenishing stores while in port.

Assist Second Officer for issuing of bonded stores to senior officers.

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