Undocking responsibilities for Chief Engineer on chemical

Before flooding the C/E and Master docks, make sure that all drain plugs are properly installed and all marine valves are closed. All such plugs must be held C/O during removal. The weight distribution and decoration of the ship should be the same when the berth remains dry, as at the entrance. Special approval must be obtained from the head of the repair department and from the docking authorities for any deviation from this instruction.

The Chief Engineer on chemical must deploy officers to inspect all sea connections and repair hulls during flooding of a dry dock. The flooding should be stopped before the vessel is removed from the units and a full inspection should be carried out to ensure that the vessel is watertight.

Repair in operation

When major repairs are required, the Company should be informed by e-mail, fax or telex indicating the nature of the work to be performed, the time required and the possible delays in the delivery of the vessel.

Under no circumstances may repairs be initiated without the prior consent of the Company, except in emergencies.

Repair of lists and provision of defects

The chief engineer must keep the ship’s supervisor informed of any outstanding repairs.

There, the elements form the basis of the land repair specification for the vessel and must be specified in the appropriate company form.

Whenever goods are landed for repair, shipment or storage, the Company must be notified of the “Planted Material” letter.

Major spare gear

Many of our vessels carry basic spare parts such as tail shafts, thrust bearings, tail shaft bolts, main engine studs and main and transverse head bearings. Much of this equipment, especially the latter, is prone to corrosion on the part.


This equipment is extremely valuable. To ensure readiness, the equipment must be properly protected from the elements, and the bearing surfaces lined with lead. The use of burlap and linen should be avoided, as this usually attracts moisture when the oil / oil level drops and the formation of moisture pockets, which then cause a rash.

All such heavy and expensive spare parts must be well secured and sealed. Appropriate stocks should also be maintained at regular intervals.

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