VesselFinder and Sample of part Seafarer Employment Agreemen, disability or death, Transport and Travel

Compensation in event of disability or death

Compensation in the event of death or long term disability of the Employee due to occupational injury, illness or hazard related to work, shall be as set out in the national law and this SEA, the terms of compensation which are available with the Employer(the Employer and or the Vessel Manager shall provide the Employee a copy of such upon request) and or such is on the Vessel and is accessible to the Employee to review.

In the event of the death of the Employee during the Period of this SEA, the Employer shall:

  1. arrange for the transportation of the remains of the Employee to the home port except where the death occurs in the jurisdiction of areas in which the transportation of the remains is impossible or prohibited.
  2. return personal effects of the deceased to the lawful next kin.
  • remit the deceased legitimate earnings to the lawful next of kin.

In the event the Vessel is lost or founders the Employee will be compensated for loss of employment for a period limited to 2 months basic wages as per the SEA and be provided with medical care in case of injury, if any, limited to a period of 16 weeks from the day of injury.

Transport and Travel

The Employer shall provide the Employee with an economy air ticket from Employee’s main home port at the time of entering into this SEA and repatriate the Employee upon the completion of the SEA back to his main home port

 Accommodation, VesselFinder and food in transit, if necessary, shall be arranged by the Employer, personal baggage allowance shall be 30 KGS

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