VesselFinder during Abandon ship

Immediate action

sound the ship’s failure signal and call the Master.

b Correct the position of the ship.

c “May Day” beep with position of VesselFinder.

d The main engine has stopped and the screw is protected.

e Overflow discharges stopped especially I.W.O. craft launch areas.

f Extra blankets, water, food, etc. for making (if time allows).

g Check all hands at collection stations for life jackets and thermal suits, if necessary.

h, if possible, release the artists from the boats.

i Lower boats / lifeboats.


j Some ships were transferred on board after leaving during a fire, etc. Additional items are recommended for this ship (where time allows):

  • Close all watertight doors.
  • Close all fuel on the shut-off valves in the engine compartment.
  • Keep emergency fire pumps running with hoses installed on top of the room
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