VesselFinder & sample of part Seafarer Employment Agreement , Expiration and Termination, Law and Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise agreed by the Employer to extend this SEA, this SEA shall expire at the end of the Period of the SEA

– Furthermore, the Employer has the right to terminate the SEA before the end of its Period in the following cases:

  1. The demise of the Employee or the confirmation of his/her incapacity and inability to perform its obligations
  2. it becomes impossible to execute SEA for reasons beyond control of Employe, VesselFinder
  • Due to an event of force majeure.
  1. The end of a project or work basis which this SEA was entered into.
  2. the Loss or foundering of the Vessel
  3. Any authority determining or demanding that the Employer terminate the SEA of the Employee or to ban the Employee from certain secure areas regardless as to cause or reason

The Employer shall further be entitled to terminate the SEA at any time by notifying the Employee thereof by a thirty days notification or at the absolute discretion of the Employer, by paying the Employee thirty days basic salary lieu of the notification period

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, noting contained herein shall prevent the Employer from terminating this SEA before the end of the Period at any time by notifying the Employee thereof by a thirty days notification.

If the Employee wishes to resign before the end of the SEA term the Employee must notify the Employer before the intended date of leaving by a notice period of not less than a minimum of one month, the resignation and or notice shall in no case be conditional or reasoned, provided that the Employer shall have the right to deduct the cost of repatriation and other entitlements caused by the premature termination of the SEA by the Employee.

any early termination of the SEA by the Employer shall not give rise to any compensation rights of any kind of any sums to the Employee save the basic salary and allowances in accordance with this SEA so calculated VesselFinder pro rata per day until the last working day of the Employee as well as the relevant dues of the period of work of the Employee with the Employer

Law and Jurisdiction

This SEA shall be governed by and construed the Parties agree VesselFinder that in case of any dispute arising under this SEA or its application or the interpretation of its conditions, such dispute shall be settled amicably, failing which such dispute shall be referred to the competent courts

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