VesselFinder, sample of policy acceptance & responsibilities acknowledgement

Hereby declare that:

  1. I have received copies of the Company’s policy. I have read and fully understand and I confirm that I will fully comply with them.
  1. I am aware that the Company’s overriding policy   is continuous improvement in terms of personnel safety, health and the protection of the environment and I confirm my intention to work towards this direction.
  1. I have been briefed and understand the contents of the Company’s Safety Management System Manual.
  1. I am fully aware of all my responsibilities and   duties under the Company’s Safety Management System and VesselFinder. In particular, I understand all parts of the policies/regulations, which relate to my position and rank and  agree   to implement them in all matters under my control so as to ensure that safety, health, quality and the protection of the   environment are maintained and enhanced. 
  1. I have provided the Company with accurate personal information (identification card, contact details, address) as well as with all certificates and licenses, which I hold.
  1. I will not disclose any information regarding projects, reports or any work carried for, or on behalf of the Company, to anyone outside the employment of the company, or anyone not involved with the aforementioned work of VesselFinder.
  1. I will not divulge any information to anyone, regarding confidential files/documents, which I may be asked to read or work on for any work, which I am involved in.
  1. I will not take any property (keys, ID cards, etc) belonging to the Company from the vessel, without first receiving written permission to do so.
  1. I will not photocopy, or copy any documents/reports/books, VesselFinder , etc., without prior permission.
  1. I have received copies of the Company’s Alcohol Procedure
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